Cats Takes Amazing Selfies that Will Blow Your Mind

cat and selfies

We are all so guilty of being too into ourselves and taking too many selfies. However, I don’t really see that many issues with it. Sure, I don’t want to see someone’s breasts shoved out of their shirt, or their tongues or their duck faces. However, I love a selfie from a woman or a man who is doing it tastefully because it says to me, “I’m feeling good right now and I’m showing it off, “and that’s a good thing. Some people might think that it is a bit vain, but I don’t. I think that the world has far bigger problems than too many selfies. For example, what about the women and the men who don’t feel good enough about themselves to post selfies? That’s what we need to worry about; those who aren’t happy with themselves – not those of us who are.

That said, these cats are taking selfies, and we are kind of in love with it. And by kind of, we mean that we are completely and totally in love with everything that is happening in these photos because they are the best photos that ever did exist. They are happy, they are healthy and they are cats; and we love cats.

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