Cat Who is Thrown into Icy Waters is Saved

Icy cat

A cat who was saved a kindhearted couple after it was thrown into the icy waters of Winnebago River in Mason City, Iowa.  On Saturday, the couple happened to saw a suspicious man throwing a duffel bag into the river.  The pair of good Samaritans decided to check out the duffel bag and fished it out from the river.  After they opened the bag, they were stunned when the discovered a live cat inside. Mason City Police Sgt. Greg Scott stated: “The witness was suspicious, so he checked on the bag and there was a cat inside it — a live cat.”

The authorities are conducting an ongoing investigation and asked the public for help in finding the suspect who threw tried to kill the feline, who is now known as Winne. The pair of good Samaritans then called Animal Control for help.  The Animal Control came out and got Winne and turned her over to the Humane Society of North Iowa.  After certain days, if no one claims her, she will be put up for adoption for her to find a new permanent and loving home.

According to Sybil Soukup, executive director of the Humane Society of North Iowa, Winne acts a bit timid, but she believes that it might be as a result of her ordeal or the stressful atmosphere at the shelter.

“It’s just a shock that anyone would dispose of an animal in this method.  Zipped her up in a duffel bag and threw her into the freezing cold waters of the Winnebago River. That is a certain death that is cruel and painful.  Fortunately, curiosity saved the cat when the couple that saw it happen went over and fished it out of the water,” Soukup said.

I totally agree with what Ms. Soukup that what was done to Winne was very cruel.  Only heartless people can do such an awful thing to a cat.  It’s such a shame that some people are capable of hurting innocent animals who can’t even defend themselves.

Anyways, thanks to the couple who saved Winne. Thanks to the Humane Society of North Iowa for taking care of the feline.

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