Cat That was Thrown from a Moving Car is Lucky to be Alive


Many of us love cats so much, we can’t begin to fathom or try to understand news of those people who don’t. While sometimes it can be a bit difficult to take care of them day in and day out, it’s definitely worth it for the infinite love and joy they bring to their owners. However, not everyone shares in that sentiment, including the former owners of a cat named Annabelle, who ended up throwing their cat out of the moving car! The owners had previously visited the Blue Cross rehoming centre in Bromsgrove, located in Worcestershire, UK. Unfortunately, the cattery was full, but Blue Cross had offered up alternatives for finding the feline a new home. The owners drove off, but before reaching the end of the facility’s driveway, they threw the kitty from the car as it was still in motion!

“We had a funny feeling when they left and decided to watch what happened when they drove away,” Blue Cross Animal Welfare Assistant Nikki Halfpenny admitted. “Shockingly, when they approached the end of our drive the car door opened and we saw the cat being thrown out. We couldn’t believe it – the car was still moving!”

Thankfully, one of the staff members was close enough to go and catch the cat before it got scared and took off to the main rood or got lost in the woods. The kind-hearted rehoming centre took the feline in temporarily and named her Annabelle. She spent that afternoon in an office while the centre looked for an accommodation for her. Once space was available, they placed her in the cattery until she found her forever loving home.

“Annabelle is such a sweet, gentle and friendly cat it is tragic that she was discarded so carelessly, She settled in quickly with us and was her over ordeal fairly soon,” Halfpenny said.

“We were delighted that she has finally found the happy home she deserves.”

(Photo Source: Blue Cross UK)

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