Cat Tip of the Day: A Spoonful of Yogurt Can Help Kitty with the Runs

The sleeping cat

It isn’t the most pleasant thing to talk about but all of our cats have had this problem at one point or another.   And heck, we humans too have had it!  If your cat happens to be suffering from diarrhea then an antibiotic might not always be your best bet. Be aware that the medicine tends to kill good bacteria too, including the bacteria that make your cats intestines work properly. The result can be an unpleasant case of diarrhea.

Most people don’t know that a teaspoon of nonfat, unsweetened yogurt once a day can help to restore those important intestinal flora and get your cat’s stomach working properly.   An added bonus is that because most of the lactose in milk is converted to lactic acid in the fermentation process, cats can generally eat it without problems.

Bet you didn’t know that!

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