Cat Tip of the Day: Keep Your Volume Down While Driving

cat driving

You may love to blast that radio while your driving in your car but please be careful if you decide to take your cat for a spin with you. Cats have very sensitive hearing so you need to do your kitty a favor and keep the volume low or turn the music off altogether. Some types of music are less aggravating for your cat and can even help them relax.  Pitch range and tempo are important factors. In many people’s experiences, cats prefer slower tempos and music without too much thumping bass or shrieking treble.  So you might want to blast that classic rock and keep down the hip hop.  Sorry Kanye!  Oh and a little classical music here and there can be good too 🙂

Speaking of driving cats, have you seen our gallery of cats who think they’re driving? Remember to be safe on the road out there but also watch out for your kitty!

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