Is the CatGenie Self-Flushing Cat Box Worth the Cost?

One of the most undesirable chores of owning a cat, is dealing with the litterbox. Any cat owner will tell you that there are multiple reasons why they do not like anything about the litterbox. For one, the cost of litter can really hit the wallet, especially if you own more than one cat. It’s heavy, expensive, and messy, both putting it into the box, and cleaning it out. There is also the dust factor involved. When you put it in, dust from the granules get into the air and you breathe it in. Cleaning it out can be just as dusty, but now you have the stink factor to go with the dust. Nope, there is just nothing pleasant about scooping kitty poop, not to mention that all of this used kitty litter has to go somewhere, and most of it ends up in the dump where it sits year-after-year, because it is non-biodegradable. A better answer to all these kitty litter troubles had to be out there, and it was. Now, the CatGenie Self-flushing Cat Box exists, and it’s getting a lot of attention from cat owners.

This unique cat litter box works by cleaning the litter for you, leaving you without having to do a thing except change out a SaniSolution cartridge a couple times a year. How does it do this? Well, when your cat goes to the bathroom, the washable granules clump, then wait to be washed. You can set your CatGenie to wash at different times. Set it to wash at 4 different pre-set times each day, or as needed by the push of the button by you, or have it set to clean with your cat’s activation.

The box will need to be hooked up to a cold water line (DIY), using the t-adapter that comes with it. Then plug it into a 120 v electrical outlet and either set the drain hose in the waste drain of a washing machine, or hang it on the side of the toilet so it runs into the toilet.

When the cleaning process begins, water runs into the box and the inside bowl starts rotating as the water cleans the granules as the bowl rotates. A scooper collects the solid material and it is all ground-up and liquefied so that it can be put through the hose and into the toilet to be dispensed of. An automatic dryer then dries all of the granules to leave behind completely dry litter and litter box. Your hands never have to touch the litter again and you never have to purchase anymore litter. The granules of this cat box are completely reusable, time and time again.

The CatGenie costs about $230, but it is totally worth the cost due to the cost you will spend on bags of litter each year, box liners, cleaning solutions for cleaning the box, and not to mention the time and effort you put into the cleaning out of the litter box, daily or weekly.

The CatGenie is also worth the price if you are into helping to save our planet. This box helps preserve our environment by eliminating all the litter that collects in the landfills, which has been said to total about 8 billion pounds each year.

Thumbs up have been given on this unique, and very handy cat litter box, so check it out and see for yourself, how convenient and economic it is.

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