Five Perfect Toys for Your Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coons are the largest domestic cat breed and are quite popular among cat owners. They have a distinctive look with their ruffled neck fur, big bones and muscular body. Its body type is important for the breed’s keen hunting skills. Maine Coons are one of the oldest natural breeds of felines and were popular in cat shows during the 19th century. Maine Coons are sweet natured, and often referred to as gentle giants. If you have a Maine Coon, you know that they do have all the characteristics of most breeds, in that they love to play and chase, just like any other cat. Finding toys that are good for this particular breed is important in order to keep them interested in playing and keeping them mentally stimulated. Here are five perfect toys for your Maine Coon cat.

5. Da Bird Cat Toy

Cat’s love birds. They could stare out the window at them all day, and it never gets old. If you have a bird-lover for a cat, why not bring some of that birdie excitement indoors and let your Maine Coon have some fun with a toy that is getting a lot of chatter these days, in the way of cat toys. This toy is designed as a wand, or stick, with multi-colored feathers attached to the end of a string. When you hold the stick and swing it, let it sway, or dangle it, the feathers flit and float and mimic a bird’s feathers. It gets cats excited and energetic. You’ll see your cat jump and chase the feathers, and you won’t want to stop because your cat is having so much fun, all for just about $4.50 plus shipping.


4. Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy

This is one cat toy that ranks high on Amazon’s popularity scale, and rightly so, because cat’s love this toy. This is a toy for cats of any age, young and old because all cats like to scratch, bat at balls, and chase. The toy is designed to give your cat somewhere else to scratch, aside your furniture, plus entertains him. While the cat scratches at the center surface of the toy, the ball in the outer groove gets your cat excited and in a playful mood. He can nudge it with his nose or push with his paw. Your cat will be drawn to the toy over and over again, to play, plus learn that he has a special place to scratch to help keep your furniture scratch-free.

You’ll pay just under $11.00 for the Turbo Scratcher, so click on the link above to find out more about it.


3. Cat Charmer Cat Toy

The cat charmer really gets cats going. Your Maine Coon will love chasing the Cat Charmer because there is just a way it moves when you twirl it around, dangle it and slide it across the floor, that gets your feline excited. This is a great toy for your Maine Coon, and a fun way for him to get exercise and bond with you. The multi-colored fleece is pretty, attracting to the eye, and durable. For just $3.49 plus shipping, your Maine Coon can have hours of fun with the Cat Charmer.

2. Kitty Play Tunnel

Cats love to dive into things and hide, and then pounce out in an attack mode, and this is what the kitty play tunnel offers your cat. These tunnels are stretchable, collapsible, sturdy and lined for protection. They make for a lot of fun for your Maine Coon cat, especially because Maine Coons are larger than the average house cat. These tunnels accommodate small and large cats, which makes them perfect for Maine Coons. Your Maine Coon will have so much fun with the kitty tunnel that it will quickly be a favorite play toy, hiding place, and even sleeping quarters for him. Each tunnel is just over $10.00, so you can purchase as many as you want for an extended play area.


1. Yeow Cat Nip Banana

It’s no secret that cats love cat nip and there are all kinds of fun ways to give your cat his favorite treat. Your Maine Coon will go bananas over the Yeow Cat Nip Banana, because it’s not just the cat nip, but there is just something fun and more interesting about this clever way to deliver it, in a banana, that makes it even more of a treat. No one knows if it’s the shape of the banana, the size, or perhaps it’s that they know 100% organic cat nip when they smell it. You can give your cat something extra special every time you set Yeow Cat Nip Banana in front of him, and when you do, watch out! Because here comes one happy Maine Coon cat. For $5.99, you can have your Maine Coon a brand new banana to play with.

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