Five Tips For Taking Care of Chartreux Kittens

Chartreux kittens are as adorable as they are affectionate. They love sitting on people’s laps, so don’t get one unless you want a lap cat. They’re originally from France, hence the name, and they have a gorgeous thick blue coat. Their eyes are generally in the golden range that’s often tinged with copper and their little bodies are a bit chunky for their legs. They’re quiet and sweet but that can be a bit deceiving since they’re also very clever when it comes to sneaking out the door, so it’s good to keep an eye out for a little escape artist action.

If you have other pets in the house, your Chartreux kitten will get along well with them but would probably prefer following you around the house looking for more love and affection. So, if you get one, expect to spend plenty of time stroking her fur and heaping plenty of attention on her. Give her plenty of love and she’ll give you even more back in return. Chartreux kittens are not terribly difficult to care for in spite of their frou-frou name but here are a few hints to keeping her happy and healthy and ultimately making life easier for both of you:

1. Grooming

Your Chartreux kitten’s coat is easily groomed with brushing twice a week. However, when Spring comes along, she’ll need to be brushed more often because she’ll be shedding her winter coat. You should also trim her nails as needed.

2. Climbing

Your Chartreux kitten will just love climbing, so provide at least one climbing tree, cat condo, or anything else that she can climb on instead of your furniture and drapes. She may also like performing her own little acrobatic acts for you and providing plenty of cat toys will keep her happy for hours until nap time.

3. Mousing

Does your home have any mice? Well, you won’t have them for long when you get a Chartreux kitten. The breed has an excellent reputation when it comes to being great mousers. She could spend hours chasing them but if you don’t have any, all the better. Just buy her some cute little squeaky mice and fuzzy toys to keep her busy. She’ll like that.

4. Keeping Her Indoors

You’ll find that your Chartreux kitten is happy as a clam in your home with plenty of love and proper care. And, keeping her indoors is the best way to keep her protected from moving vehicles and contracting any disease that can spread to her from other cats, as well as avoiding being attacked by other animals that might be lurking outside. Remember, your neighbor’s dog might be as cute as can be but dogs naturally chase cats and if one catches your Chartreux kitten outside, she could be badly injured or even killed. So, opt for making her a permanent indoor cat.

5. General Health

First of all, be aware that all kittens can potentially develop health problems, just like people. So, make sure that you get a health guarantee from the breeder. And, although Chartreux kittens are generally a healthy breed, they can have a propensity for urinary tract stones and polycystic kidney disease. And, finally, remember that obesity in cats is a common health issue, so keep your Chartreux kitten at a healthy weight for a long, happy, and healthy life full of love.

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