The Greatest Travel Destinations for Cat Lovers

There are a lot of places that cat lovers can visit, not only to gain a better understanding about the species, but they are actually pretty interesting and can provide cat lovers with a lot of pleasure. Here are the top travel destinations for cat lovers, that many say are a must-see.

The Coliseum

The Coliseum in Rome, Italy isn’t just all about the history of Julius Caesar, but it is also where lots and lots of cats live. They are found in the nooks and crannies of the ancient ruins, and late in the afternoon, volunteers will show up each day to feed all of the cats that have taken up home here. Yo can visit the ruins during the late afternoon and will be invited to play with the cats, and watch them all get fed and taken care of. The rumor is, that Julius Caesar had a phobia of cats, and now hundreds live in the Torre Argetina, where Julius Caesar was murdered.

Japan’s Cat Island

There’s an island in Japan, known as the Aoshima Island, located in northwestern Japan, where once upon a time, this was a thriving fishing village. Today, there are only about 15% of the people living on the island that used to be. Despite the decline in residents, there are still plenty of stray cats, and many people who know the island’s story, they believe these strays have survived due to the fact that the people feeding them believe that feeding stray cats, actually helps to ring them wealth. Aoshima Island is just one of many cat islands in Japan, and is the most popular.

The cat boat

In Amsterdam, there are two large barges that float down the Singel Canal. These barges are special because they house lots of cats. They were specifically turned into shelters for cats and they are always looking for volunteers to get on board and help take care of the cats – feed them, scoop kitty litter and play with them. You can volunteer when you visit, get a beautiful ride, and enjoy it with a cat napping in your lap.

King of cats festival

This is a unique festival in Rossiniere, Switzerland that is in honor of the French painter Balthus, who was always fascinated with cats. He loved the way they moved and the way they looked.  When you attend or take part in this festival, you won’t be having the typical festival type rides and foods. Instead, this festival is one that encourages the community to create a special piece of art that represents a cat to you. Once all the projects are complete, the public votes on the best project and what the winner gets is simple – all the bragging rights.

Hello Kitty Rooms in Keio Plaza Hotel

Many of us grew up with this iconic toy and character, Hello Kitty, and now you can relive those memories when you stay at this hotel in one of the Hello Kitty rooms. You get all the memorabilia and pink amenities in your room, including Hello Kitty bedtime snacks. When you leave, you will leave with a Hello Kitty Doll to thank you for your stay.

Ernest Hemingway house

Most of us have heard of the famed author, Ernest Hemingway, and you may know that his famous mansion in Key West, Florida is loaded with cats. They are swarming all over the property, and many people visit the home just to see the cats. You are welcome to pet the cats, if they come to you, but there are restrictions on handling them. Many of the cats are said to be direct descendants to his original cats.

Brookstown Inn

Four years ago, a cat named Sally just happened to wander into the Inn and she has been there ever since. The Inn is located in Windston-Salem, North Carolina, and if you happen to ever stay there, you will see that the entire staff wait on the little feline, hand and foot. Sally gets to choose where she sleeps at night, and if you are lucky, she may choose to stay in your room for the night, making your stay a little more fun than a regular hotel.

Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

This is the largest animal rescue in the entire country, with over 1,600 animals. Volunteers who come to stay for a while, get to stay in one of the 12 cabins that are located on the property. Because you are there to help, you are allowed to take a couple kittens to your cabin overnight to snuggle with. Not only will the cat enjoy the time of being doted on, but you will love the benefits of helping all these beautiful animals.

Laughing Cat Winery

In Palisades, Colorado at the Carlson Vineyards, there are wines that have been labeled with special label. It is a picture of a playful cat juggling mice, hence the name of the winery. The wine series includes some semi-sweet wines, plus a few other blends. There are currently two cats on the premises, Hank and Gunny, and they will greet each guest who comes to the winery, with a little handshake.

Cat’n Around Catskill

In the Catskills of New York, there are about 50 fiberglass cats that come out on the streets each summer. Yes, they are set up on the streets as displays for the public. They are very creative and beautiful displays of the world we live in today. You’ll see surfer dude cats, Cleopatra the Cat. Zombie cats, Cats in the Hat, Cat Scans and many, man more. They are very interesting, and very worth the visit.

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