How To Take Care Of A Kitten Without A Mother

We all know how much kittens are cute especially when they are too young or just born a few days ago. They always need a special care, which her mother provides to them. They need food to eat or drink a shelter to stay and a health care to be healthy and their mother provides all those.

Can you imagine now if the kitten lost her mother then how she will survive? What she will drink or eat? Who will provide a shelter? And who will look after her? No one! Because she is being abandoned and lost her mother who was ready for every challenge.

However, if you found a kitten whose mother passed away or abandoned her and she is all alone then you will have to come at her mother’s role. You should take the responsible to provide whatever the little kitten needs in such a horrible situation she is facing.

A newborn kitty need special care and need to be monitored well, you will have to raise her in your human environment. However, before doing anything, take the kitty and go check her by a veterinarian for a thorough examination, take advices and create a plan to take good care of her.

Provide a Better Environment and Shelter:

Living in nature, we cannot ignore or misunderstand it. We have to follow its rules and regulation properly. In that same sense, newborn kittens cuddle up with their mother and sibling to stay warm but we already know there is one to cuddle up with her to keep her warm as she is abandoned, so it becomes your responsibility to keep her warm.

For that, you can wrap a heating pad or you can also put a hot water bottle in a blanket to create a warm bed for her but remember and make sure that the blanket is in such a position that your lovely kitty can move away from it if she gets too warm. Also, keep a sharp eagle eye on the heating pad to ensure that it’s working fine and not over heated.

Nutritional Requirements that she needs badly:

To feed your kitten, you should know what’s work best for her. For the purpose just contact a local vet, animal shelter or any rescue groups and ask them to find a foster mother cat for the kitten as it is what better for her than anything else and they might help you more efficiently to find a foster mother cat to feed the kitty.

But in case, you’re not able to find a foster mother cat still no need to worry a lot, you can buy a milk replacer but that should be the one which is designed for kittens especially. You will need to do these all before hand-raising a kitten.

Don’t think about giving cow’s milk or any other animal because that can cause her gastrointestinal upset. And they need constant feeding to stay nourished. You will need to look after the newborn kitty every one to two hours. When she becomes about 3 to 4 weeks old, you will need to provide them something to eat or drink between four and six times a day.

How and When to Wean the Kitten?

The right age to switch your kitten from a bottle is between the age of 3 or 4 weeks. Give her a formula in a shallow bowl because it will be easy for her to drink from. After some time, you can now switch to adult diet in which there will be a mixture of canned and dry food for a cat with hot formula. When you get to know that your kitten becomes 6 to 7 weeks old, try switching her to a dry diet.

This is the right process to follow. Your local vet can guide you too if go to him and ask about meal and diet for the kitty. Hope he will guide you much better else, you can follow our guide too.

Elimination and Potty Training for your Kitten:

Do you know that kittens can’t urinate or defecate by themselves before they get more than 2-3 weeks old in age. Their mother is the one who helps them to stimulate elimination by licking at the part of anal and genitals smoothly. But as she is abandoned and her mother can’t help her in the process, so in such case, you will have to help the kitty in elimination.

You can do that by taking a warm, moistened piece of towel and rubbing carefully against and around the kitten’s anal and genital part of the body. Repeat this process after every feeding. After she gets 4 weeks old you can make it happen by the use of litter box, by placing near to her after every feeding.

Groom Your Kitten:

Now, she might be got dirty with time and needs a shower but let her get into the age of 4-5 weeks old then you can groom her but as opinions varies and some say you should groom her at the age of 2-3 weeks but we think that with the difference of origin and climatic conditions, let her get 4-5 weeks old.

Kittens often get ticks on their body and it is sometimes really painful for the little soul, so make sure to remove ticks from your cat. Then you can give her a shower and comb the fur. Give a shower as per climatic condition to ensure whether to give a shower with normal cold water or warm water. By grooming the kitty, she will stay happy and healthy, so don’t forget to groom her time to time.

Wrapping it up!

Hope I guided all the essential things that an abandoned little kitten needs. In the starting, it may be found as difficult as seem but with time passing it will be an easy task to do. If you found and rescued a newborn kitten, this guide will surely help you a lot. If you found this guide helpful then don’t forget to share with your friends, maybe they are looking for such guide. Thank you for reading! Have a wonderful experience.



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