How Important is it to ID your Cat?

Lost cat

When it comes to IDing your cat, many of you might not think that it’s important.  Those who keep their cats indoors all of the time, might think that it’s a waste of time and money.  But what happens if suddenly your loving pet runs out of the door and down the street?  Many cat owners are left in tears because of this and to make matters worse their pets are out there with no way to identify them.

Having several different IDs on your cat even if it’s an indoor animal, is a wise move.  The first thing that your feline should always have is an identification tag around its collar. This will help those who find them be able to reach you.  But you have to make sure to put your current phone number and address on the tag, as well as the cats name.

This will help animal control get in contact with you very quickly and rule out that the cat they have before them is not a stray.  This will help recover your animal and keep them from falling victim to the many kill shelters that are out there today.  Often times many pets get put to sleep simply because the facility has no way to contact the owners.

But what if your cat’s collar comes off while roaming around?  This is where a microchip will come into play.  Almost every animal shelter and Vets office has a way to read microchips that are safely implanted between the shoulder blades of the animal.  This chip will provide them with the name of the owner, their address and phone number.  This is hands down the best way to ID your cat and is now standard procedure at shelters around the country and even the world.

If you have not placed the proper ID on your cat, make sure to do so as soon as possible.  You can have your feline microchiped at your Vets office and will only cost a small fee.  This will ensure that your beloved pet will be able to find its way back home to you.

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