The Modkat Litter Box Gets Style Points But What about the Rest?

The ModKat has been getting rave reviews for its unique style for a litter box. It seems like every cat owner has tried multiple types of litterboxes in hopes of finding the perfect one for their feline. The ModKat thinks this is it. It looks like a big square bucket, and it really is. Inside, is the litter where your cat must jump into in order to use it. Here is what all it has to offer, besides looking like the coolest litterbox ever.

Due to its design, it basically eliminates litter tracking, which is what many cat owners don’t care for. It works by way of the locking lid. When your cat goes to jump off the box after using it, the locking lid also serves the purpose of helping your at to walk off the litter on his feet, therefore, not tracking it into the carpet or house.

The inner liner is scratch resistant. Your cat won’t scratch holes in it, creating a mess with the litter. It is also an easy to clean liner that fits perfectly in the inside of the box. You won’t see it, like in other traditional litterboxes. And when it comes to sifting the litter? You get an ergo-styled scooper that is easy and comfortable to hold and use. It sifts through clumps like no other scooper, only leaving behind, fresh, clean litter.

Customers who own and use it, love it. They love that there is no more removing a big, bulky hood to clean the box. This hood just swivels and you scoop. It’s been featured on Animal Planet’s “My Cat From hell” with Jackson Galaxy, as well as in Forbes, Dwell, New York Times, LA Times, Wall Street Journal, The Knot, Houzz, Gizmodo, NYCxDESIGN, BuzzFeed, Wanted Design, DWR Design Notes, The D.”  That’s a lot of recognition.

If you have battled with kitty litterboxes for a long time, here’s one you will more than likely love and never go back to an ordinary litterbox again.

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