My Cat Was Diagnosed with Cancer: What Should I Do?

Cats play a very important role in our lives. As such, they are valued members of the family. So when your cat is diagnosed with cancer, it’s devastating. With humans, we know there are traditional treatments (think radiation or chemotherapy) and more non-traditional methods of care. But what about for animals?

Fortunately, you have the same luxury of choice when it comes to treating your pet’s cancer. This article will focus more on the non-traditional medicine route because your veterinarian can walk you through the traditional treatment options.

What to Do in the Moments After Diagnosis

First of all, take a deep breath. Try to take in everything the veterinarian has said.
You’ll need to make a decision soon about how you’ll treat your cat’s cancer, but try not to feel overwhelmed. Take a calm and cool-headed look at the options to decide what’s right for you.

While you’re thinking, cuddle up to your cat. It will surely help in the decision-making process.

Homeopathic Treatment for Cancer in Cats

Many pet parents have reported some amazing results from using homeopathic remedies for cats with cancer. There are many stories about tumors shrinking or even disappearing from using homeopathic remedies alone. Of course, there’s no way to know if your cat would see the same results, but it is promising to know that others have had success.

Custom Remedies for Your Cat’s Cancer

Not only is every cancer case different, but every pet is different. Personalities, health histories and biological makeup all factor into the decision of what remedy is right for your pet. This is why you may want to consider a custom homeopathic remedy. A remedy that has been designed for your pet will help treat your cat’s very unique illness and rebalance the overall system. Custom remedies are preferred over pre-formulated ones because they will target the cause of your pet’s health issue.

When your cat is sick, he needs all his energy to fight that tumor. That’s what homeopathy is all about: rebuilding your pet’s natural immune system and restoring health.

How to Get a Custom Remedy for Your Cat’s Cancer

First, find a reputable provider of homeopathic remedies that offers custom remedies as a service. For example, Homeoanimal will produce a custom remedy based on your answers to a very detailed questionnaire about your pet’s health and general life. The questionnaire includes information on current health, family history, vaccines, temperament, needs and more.

In cases of cancer, Homeoanimal also recommends their PiptoPET Cancer remedy, which is made from a powerful medical mushroom with anti-cancer properties. PiptoPET also boosts the immune system, which is so important when fighting cancer.

An animal that has cancer already has a weakened immune system, and when you add chemo or radiation, the animal has a harder time fighting the cancer (unable to properly help his own body heal). This is how PiptoPET works with the custom remedy: The custom remedy pinpoints the root of the cancer and works on it, and the Piptopet will help boost the immune system and delivers great anti-tumour properties.

Please understand that whether you choose Homeoanimal’s custom remedy or another provider, homeopathy is not an emergency treatment. It can take a few weeks of using a homeopathic remedy before you start seeing results. If you are looking for something to help ease your pet’s pain quickly, talk to your veterinarian about pain medication.

Deciding on how to treat your cat’s cancer is a difficult choice. Hear the facts, do some research, and then follow your gut to do what is right for you and your cat.

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