Why Has My Cat Stopped Eating?

If only cats could live forever… Sixteen years hardly feels like a lifetime. But you know your aging cat is nearing her final stage of life. So you pay special attention to her habits and ensure she’s getting the most out of life. After all, she may not be around forever. Then one day, she stops eating… Whoa. Is this the end? You’re not ready. In truth, you’re right for being concerned. When a cat stops eating, there’s usually a significant reason. It’s often because he isn’t feeling well. With an aging cat, it could be a sign of kidney failure, hyperthyroidism or cancer.
Many vets would recommend that you start thinking about euthanasia.

What can I do to get my cat to eat?

Even though your cat is elderly and not eating, this doesn’t necessarily mean she is dying. Cats are famous for their finicky ways. Try switching cat food brands and flavors. Maybe he woke up one morning with a preference for another flavor. Make it happen, human. You can also try heating the food. Especially if you’ve kept food in the refrigerator, the food may not be the right temperature for your cat. Remember, cats are hunters and don’t instinctively eat things that are cold.

Another thing you can try is cleaning the cat’s dish. Some cats can get picky about their food vessels. If the dish is clean, try a different one. Switching things up may work. If you’ve tried everything and nothing works, try slipping a treat into your cat’s food.

What if my cat is sick?

If your cat does not respond to any of your efforts to get her to eat, she may be sick. When cats stop eating, their bodies start using fat reserves for energy. This causes weight loss. And with too much weight loss, protein stores are depleted and the liver gets overwhelmed by processing all the fat for energy. This can lead to a condition called hepatic lipidosis, which can lead to liver failure. The bottom line is this: Your cat may stop eating because he is sick, but not eating can make your cat sicker.

What to do if your cat stops eating

If your sixteen-year-old cat stops eating, it is probably a sign of a problem. Don’t ignore it. Try to get your cat to eat in any way you can. If your cat doesn’t eat, try to make sure she is hydrating.
We interviewed many vets for the article “7 ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE TREATMENTS FOR ANIMALS.” Somewhat to our surprise, many of the vets asked us to disclose that vets will often suggest euthanasia when alternative medicines may help your pet show great improvement. Sometimes, homeopathic remedies can be lifesaving. From our perspective, and the vets we interviewed, it’s better to try an alternative treatment because it may prolong your time with your precious pet. When your senior cat stops eating, it may be a sign that he is nearing the end of his life. Unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do to make your cat live forever. But you can help your cat’s body function as well as it possibly can – this will help your cat live as long as possible.

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