Cat Trapped in a Car Gets a Happy Ending


An 8-week-old cat is healthy and happy after being rescued from being trapped in a car. When leaving for work at 4:30 a.m. Monday morning, Andrea Duvall got into her car as usual but felt something wasn’t right. The Canadian woman thought she heard the sound of a cat meowing, but it was so faint at first and she couldn’t figure out where exactly it was coming from. She looked all over the garage but when she didn’t find anything, she decided to go about her way. Backing out of her driveway, she could hear it again. She woke up her husband to help her with the search, but still found nothing. She tried driving away again and that’s when the meowing started, and this time her husband heard it too – it was coming from inside the car!

The couple ended up tearing the car apart, looking and searching every nook and cranny of Duvall’s 2013 Audi A5, but they still couldn’t locate the feline. She didn’t know what else she could do, so she drove to work very slowly. After making the hour-long trek from her home in Woodland to work in downtown Vancouver, she could still hear the kitty meowing. She called for assistance from the Vancouver Fire Department who responded but in the end really couldn’t help. After some attempts to lure the cat out, she decided to take her car to Les Schwab Tires. Sales and service technician Mark Hughes helped the woman after she told him there was a cat stuck in her car. He dismantled major parts of her car, like the front wheels and  the undercarriage of the car and successfully brought out the feline from the car.

“It’s crazy that he didn’t give up,” Duvall said. “Like he would’ve just died in there if the Les Schwab guy hadn’t taken my whole car apart.”

The black and white  kitten emerged a bit dirty and with a slightly injured paw but relatively unharmed – it could have been a lot worse. Happy that the kitty was all in one piece, Duvall fed it and cleaned up the feline. She has asked around her neighborhood but no one was missing a cat. She has spread the news of a found cat, but no one has claimed it. If no one comes forward to claim the feline, she is giving first dibs to the kitty’s rescuer, Hughes. She also has friends that have already offered to house the kitten and promise to give it a good, loving home.

(Photo Source: John Hill/The Colombian)

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