Cat Travels 500 Miles but is Finally Returned to Owner


Thanks to the genius of microchipping and the Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian River County, a young Tiffany cat and her owner have been reunited after the cat travels 500 miles! Suspected of climbing under a vehicle and hitching a ride to Florida from Atlanta, Georgia, two-year-old Ava made her way 500 miles away to the Golden State, far from her “mom” Ashley Moore.

“I guess Ava decided to take a vacation in Vero Beach, but I’m so happy she’s finally back with me,” Moore joked later.

On June 16, a kind-hearted stranger brought the feline to the Humane Society of Vero Beach and Indian County. At the shelter, staff scanned the lost cat and realized that she had a microchip. Unfortunately, though, the number on file turned out to be a disconnected phone line. Through some searching, the Humane Society contacted Moore’s father James, who was able to tell his daughter the great news.

Of course, there was a glitch in plans and the family’s arrangement for Ava to be transported home fell through at the last possible minute. Luckily, the Humane Society  stepped in and assisted them, driving Ava back to her family in Georgia.

“We were thrilled to find Ava’s family and reunite them,” Maria Ramirez, the shelter’s Director of Animal Care, said. “Ava’s story has such a happy ending that we hope it will encourage other pet parents to microchip and ID their own pets and make certain their contact information is always kept up to date.”

Photo Source: Humane Society of Vero Beach & Indian County Facebook 

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