Cat is Unharmed after Falling 26 Stories from a High Rise Building


A cat fell off from a 26-storey high rise building in Hong Kong and was able to walked away without any injuries.  The cat named Jommi surprised her pet dad Al Ling after surviving the deadly accidental fall.  The two lives in a 26th floor flat and were playing when Ling left Jommi to get her something to eat from the kitchen.  But the cat was gone when Ling came back to the other room.  He looked for Jommi anywhere inside the flat but he wasn’t able to find her.

“We had left a little window crack open to get some fresh air and I suddenly had the horrific thought that she may have gotten through the gap.  I looked over and saw a large hole in a tent 26 stories below, and I knew she had gone over.  The force of her impact was so great it had bent the tent’s aluminum frame so you can imagine my utter shock when I went inside and found her licking her paws as if nothing had happened,” Al Ling said.

I would be shocked too to find my cat alive and well after a deadly fall.  Most of these deadly falls result to serious injuries and a lot of times death.  Jommi is very lucky to have survived such a high fall without any scratch.  Thanks to the tent she was able to use one of her nine lives.  Some cats don’t get that lucky after falling from a high rise building, a few survives but with serious injuries while others die the minute they hit the ground.

Ling is very happy that his cat was unharmed after the fatal accident.  Now he is planning to spoil Jommi.  In fact he said, “Whatever the reason, Jommi is going to be the most spoiled cat in history now.”  I’m sure this decision of his will make Jommi very happy.

I hope Ling will put a mesh screen on their windows in order to prevent his beloved cat from falling again.  The mesh screen will allow him to crack the window open to get some fresh air while keeping Jommi safe as well.

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