The Cat Who Worked Really Hard to Get into His Hammock


Felines can be very persistent when it comes to getting what they want. When they have their eyes on the prize, there’s no telling what they’ll do – or just how far they’ll go to try to get it – no matter how long it will take them. Humans can learn a thing or two about that, especially the drive and dedication cats put into their every day lives and concerns.

Timo the cat, for example, really wants to lay down on his hammock – after all, it is summer and the most comfortable way to relax in the summer for both felines and humans is to lay on a comfortable and cool hammock. His owners gave Timo the hammock and have since taken video of the poor feline trying to get on it. It’s a three-part video that chronicles the cat’s progress.

In the minute-long video below, Timo tries for the third round of the epic trilogy of him attempting to get on the hammock with ease. Not entirely sure of what to expect from the first 2 parts of the video collection, but on this one, Timo starts off doing pretty well and ends up being able to get on his great hammock. When he finally secures himself on the hammock and is able to comfortably position himself  on it, he is able to do a number of tasks while on it. There, he grooms himself, relaxes, hangs with his stuffed teddy bear, and even passes out sleeping on it!

Photo Source: YouTube

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