Cat’s 3,000-mile journey from Egypt to UK in Shipping Container

3000 mile cat

A 3,000 mile journey is a long and tiring one but one cat managed to survive it without any food or water for 17 days.  Sinbad’s amazing story started when he sneaked into a crate at an Alexandria port on March 8, 2015.  He traveled across the Mediterranean inside a sealed shipping container via ferry.  Then he embarked on a road trip across Central Europe and the arrived at the Mediterranean Linen Warehouse in Moreton-on-Lugg, Hereford.

On the 25th of March after the cargo was unloaded, staff claimed that they heard meows coming from the inside of a vehicle.  After searching the vehicle, they found the cat who made himself a bed from one of the laundry linen’s container boxes.  They gave the feline food and water and captured him and contacted the RSPCA. Mediterranean Linen managing director, Graham Monteath, stated that he couldn’t identify what the noise was when the shipping container arrived at the depot.

“We heard this screeching noise. I have never heard a cat make that noise before. One of the lads thought it was a baby.  I thought it could have been a buzzard trying to get into the warehouse because we do get lots of them around here. I just turned round and thought ‘good God’, what is that?’ Then this cat’s head popped out of the door,” says Monteath.

The discovery of the cat was a surprise to them and then it became very odd when they learned that the seal wasn’t tampered.  In fact, RSPCA Inspector Pippa Boyd noted that in her 8-year career she hasn’t seen anything like this case.

“They showed me the paperwork and the tag, and it did all match up. We thought maybe at customs someone might have opened it up, but they didn’t. He such a curious cat. He just seems to be wanting to be everywhere and see everything.  I imagine they were loading and he just sneaked in,” Boyd said.

The cat who has been named Sinbad will spend four months in quarantine that will cost the RSPCA $2,989.  The organization is asking the public for help to cover the cost.  If you wish to make a donation simply click on the provided link, it will take you directly to the fundraising page for Sinbad.

Sinbad is a loving cat and he will put up for adoption once his quarantine is over, according to Inspector.

Image via Telegraph

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