Cats Among The 10 Animals On The Verge of Becoming Extinct

Iberian Lynx

People aren’t always aware of the life around us; though near or far, the existence of wildlife seems to be constantly shifting and, oftentimes, it’s for the worst. While it may not affect us directly, it’s an important fact that many animals are on the verge of going extinct. All Time 10s’ video below highlights 10 animals that are on the brink of extinction and may probably go extinct in the next 10 years with the way things are going.

Among them: the Iberian lynx who, in 2004, only had 100 adults reamining in the wild. Those born in captivity have been released in order to get those numbers up and there are currently 300 of them – and still critically endangered. Also endangered and of the cat family are the Sumatran Tiger and the Amur leopard. These are some of the most incredible creatures on the Earth but, sadly, many won’t see past a decade from now.

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