Cats Attract Fans with Amusing Online Portraits

Costume cat

When it comes to funny feline pictures we all love to view them.  These animals seem to have something very photogenic about them.  But the owner of two particular cats has taken cat pictures to a whole new level.

Alice and Finnegan, the two cats in these pictures are two simply adorable looking felines and the world has taken notice.  As they pose in their costume provided by their owner, they are just too cute for words.  As you can see in the picture below, these cats really know how to pull off a photo shoot.  There are tons of different costumes that they wear that are themed.

One set of costumes seems to have taken the internet by storm.  The two Siberian Lynx Point cats wore a Game of Thrones costume and when it hit the internet, it went viral.  Many of you are probably already familiar with this photo.

Other costumes include ones that are themed around the Christmas holiday as the pair is dressed as Christmas trees.  Another set is based on Thanksgiving, where they are dressed up with fall foliage, which makes them look a bit like lions. But my favorite has to be when the pair dressed up as peanut.  I am not sure why the owner chose these costumes but they are really super cute.

Costume cats

Image via PitterPatterFurrFeet/Caters News Agency 

But no matter how these animals are dressed they seem to be getting a lot of attention from people around the world.  The owner of these cats really seems to have an eye for photo taking and they do a wonderful job of capturing their pet at the right moment.  It’s clear that whoever owns these felines must have some training in the field of photography.

peanut costume cats

So make sure to check out this duo of cute little kitties.  I am sure you will find their photos just as amazing as I did.  They are simply a joy to look at and when you see their photos, it will put a smile on your face.  I wonder if the owner will come out with some new photos soon?  I sure hope they do!

Image via PitterPatterFurrFeet/Caters News Agency 

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