Cats Beat the Winter by Becoming “Purritos”

Cat roll 1

We all know that the winter time can be harsh.  Last year’s winter was a very cold one and scientist believe that we are in for another freeze this winter.  But that does not stop some felines from keeping warm.  As you will see in the photos below, these cats have become “Purritos”.

But many of you might be wondering what a “Purritos” actually is.  Well, it’s a play on words that means a cat rolled up like a burrito.  This fun play on words really comes to life, when you look at the pictures.  These cozy cats are all bundled up and ready for the cold.  These very funny looking cats really do make great subjects, for a truly amazing photo shoot. So let’s take a look at some of these bundled up kitties.

This cat surely does look warm. As you can tell he is tightly wrapped and ready for the snow.  I can imagine that he is pretty warm under all of that.

cat roll 2

The second feline to dress up like a burrito and really has the look down pat. As you can tell, nothing is going to keep this furry cat from keeping warm.  I really like this photo.

cat roll 3

This kitten really knows how to be stylish and stay warm at the same time. As you can tell he is very happy wearing his red scarf.  I bet all the other kittens get jealous of this snazzy dresser.

cat roll 4

The last cat on our list seems to be all rolled up and ready for sleep. In fact this feline is already asleep. It must have be all that cozy warmth that helped put this kitty to bed.

cat roll 5

Now that we have seen these adorable pictures, why not help your cat stay warm this winter.  While some cats will refuse to cover up, maybe your feline will enjoy being a burrito.  If they do allow you to wrap them up, why not take a picture of them and share it.  This is a great way to have a little fun and keep your pet warm at the same time.

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