Cats Climbing Up People’s Legs is Always Fun To Watch


Monday, Monday, Monday; why must you come so quickly every single week? It’s like you are so far from Friday yet so close to Friday on the other side. We aren’t going to complain too much, though, since it is Monday and we did get up this morning and we are all in good health and doing what we do. It’s another day and we can handle it. These cats are going to help us handle it. Mondays are days we do feel a bit slower and a little bit less like actually functioning too early in the morning, so why not give ourselves a little bit of pep in our steps and some excitement to get us through this day and really take on the week?

These cats are just doing cat stuff. They’re climbing up people’s legs. It’s not terribly exciting stuff right here, but it is cute and sometimes that’s all you can ask for. Cats are very predictable in their desire to be near their people on their own time. They don’t want to be near you on your time. When you have time to cuddle and be affectionate with your cat, chances are good that the cat is not interested. However, the moment you walk away and look busy doing something else, they want your attention. Cats and kids; like clockwork. We hope you enjoy these sweet cats just climbing up legs like it is their business. We know we did.   

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