Cats Cozied Right Up Next To One Another is So Cute!

cats sleeping

During the start of this video you will see a Hello Kitty blanket laying on the floor. While there is not anything strange about this, what happens next will really shock you.  A woman appears in the video and she places a beautiful white cat onto the blanket.  The cat seems to love laying on the blanket and does not move.  Then the woman gets another kitty and places this one next to the other.  She carefully arranges the felines and they don’t mind sharing the blanket at all.  Then a third kitty is placed on the blanket and it does not stop there.

Very shortly after the third cat is placed on the blanket, two more show up and they too are laid on there backs.  This brings the total to five beautiful felines and they look very sweet.  Once the five cats are placed neatly on the blanket, their owner gets another blanket and lays it across them.  Now all you can see is there faces and feet.  The owner pulls the cats feet out from under the blanket and carefully arranges them, so that they all are comfortable.  Its amazing that these cats are laying there together without moving or getting into a fight.  But the white cat on the far left seems to be getting a little upset.

The feline in the middle seems to be really enjoy laying on the blanket and puts his head back as if he is sleeping.  This is too cute and will really put a big smile on your face.  It is not clear how this cat owner is able to pull this off, but it truly is fun to watch.  Any cat lover would find this video simply wonderful!  Each of the cats are acting so calm and they must really get along with one another well to pull this off.  Maybe each of these kittens came from the same litter.  They all appear to be the same age and some of them even look like one another.  If you would like to see these beautiful cats sleeping together, then you can find the video located below this article.

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