Cat’s Hidden Talent Helps Man Down on his Luck Find Fortune Again

Rock Bottom Cat

Many of us have times of our life where we struggle to see the light. Everything seems to be pretty bad going and as much as we want to move forward, we find it difficult to do so. In 2005, Tim Dombrowski was in this situation. His business was going very badly, indeed he was about to declare bankruptcy. Further, he had broken his neck in an unfortunate accident.

Selling items over the internet is often suggested as a means of getting on in life in the twenty first century. However, it is incredibly competitive. You need a point of difference. This is where Tim’s cat Mercedes comes in. He had decided to begin selling antique items over the internet after seeing a commercial on the TV. He had nothing to lose and so he thought, ‘why not?!’ However, something weird happened.

When he began photographing the items he was selling Mercedes kept wandering into the shots. It was as if she wanted to be a cat model. She did it again and again and again. There was nothing he could do to stop her. This meant that the photos of the items were uploaded with Mercedes in them. Now, it is a well known fact that people on the internet love cat photos. However, cats being used to sell items was something quite different.

Tim found that his items began to get more and more traffic. Mercedes became famous. The messages began flooding in and business began booming. Somebody even made an offer to buy Mercedes for $3000! However, of course Tim refused. He could not sell her. She is his friend and also his business partner!

As Mercedes has become more famous, Tim has started thinking about how he can make some money from her fame. Mercedes calendars is next on the cards, probably pictured with antiques, like the items he sells over Ebay. It just goes to show that you never know how your pets are going to help you. They can even turn your life around.

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