Cats Need Loving Home After Their Owner is Killed in an Accident

cats in need of a home

Tragedy occurs every single day, but it doesn’t affect us all that often. Some of us go our entire lives without knowing real horror, and others are in a position that leaves them homeless and in need of someone to step forward and help save them. These cats are like that; their owner was killed with a vehicle hit him recently, and they need homes. Joe Gusti was a man who loved animals. He loved them so much that he and his girlfriend made it a point to rescue animals whenever possible. They currently have 26 cats in their rescue, but the most horrible thing that could happen did happen.

Joe, 70, was killed when he was crossed the street by his home. He was hit by two cars and died. He was on his way out to get a card for his girlfriend for her birthday. His girlfriend is recovering from a leg injury that prevents her from living alone at this point and has to relocate to the home of family in another state, and she is unable to bring the 26 cats they rescued with her. She is now looking desperately for someone to take in their cats in the midst of her horror and her devastation. Healthy, up-to-date on all their shots and medical care, these cats are all well-behaved and kind, and they are in need of new homes.

The cats are now located at the Richardson Rescue in Virginia. If you or anyone you know is able to take in these cats, or even just a few of them or even just one of them, consider doing so for the sake of his woman who is so worried about her cats, who also just lost the man she loves. Her life has been torn from under her, and now she is looking for someone to help her out.

Photo Credit – CBS News

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