Cats Prove They Can Squeeze Into Anything for a Nap

Cat napping 5

A good nap is something many of us really enjoy.  Sometimes a little bit of sleep goes a long way.  Just like us humans our feline friends also love to take naps.  But unlike humans, cats seem to nap in the strangest places. Some good examples that are also very funny are located in the body of this article.  I am sure that you will enjoy looking at them all.

These pictures are proof that cats will sleep just about anywhere.  These cute felines have really found some strange places to rest and they seem to be able to squeeze into just about anywhere. As a cat owner, I also have seen my cat in some pretty strange places.  If you have cats, I am sure that you too have witnessed this.

So let’s take a look at our first one.

Cat napping 1

This next cat seems to love playing and after she gets finished she loves to take a nap right inside of her toy. This kitty really must have been playing really hard.  It seems she had stop and rest before she could continue playing.  She looks really cozy and I am sure that once she wakes up she will begin to play again.

Cat napping

While flip-flops are great for wearing to the beach they are also great for napping.  As you will see, this very beautiful white cat seems to love sleeping on his owner’s shoes.  This is a super cute picture and I for one am really glad that the owner decided to share it with the world.

Napping kittens

Speaking of cute, this next photo is extremely sweet. As you can see, the two kittens have found a nice and cozy place to take a nap.  As they rest in the tissue box, you can tell that these two are really enjoying themselves.  I wonder if this is their favorite place to sleep.

Images via Instagram accounts of: carealotpets, milli3_s, 15thstreetvintage, josikruger and a_cat_called_kevin

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