Cat’s Reaction To A Newborn Puppy Shows What Motherly Instincts Are All About

moma cat

When a mother cat sees a puppy for the first time her motherly instinct kicks right in.  As you will see on the video, a woman is holding a puppy that appears to be only a few days or even hours old.  The puppy doesn’t even has its eyes open yet and can barely get around.  The woman places the puppy in the box with the cat and her kittens, and something amazing happens.  Instead of trying to get the puppy away from her litter she welcomes the dog into her family.  She starts to lick the puppy and want to clean it off because it appears to have been just born.  The cat really loves the dog the minute that she lays eyes on him.

When the man that is recording the video asked the cat if she likes the puppy she responds with a very loud Meow.  This is super sweet and you can tell that this feline loves babies of any kind.  She lets the puppy lay with her own kittens and it appears that she might even let the little pup nurse.  She seems very concerned about the puppy because it is making lots of noise. The cat must know that the baby dog is hungry and wants to do something to help the little guy out.

The cat lets the puppy very close to her and the dog even appears to be trying to nurse her.  It’s unclear where the mother dog is and maybe the owners of the puppy are having to bottle feed him.  If the cat had any say in the matter surely she would take in the little dog.  But this feline won’t have enough milk to support the pup when he grows larger.  This very motherly cat has a heart of gold and would do anything she could to help a baby in need.  If you would like to see this amazing encounter you should check out the video located below.  No matter if you are a cat person or a dog person you will simply love this clip.

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