Why Do Cats Seem to be So Drawn to Boxes?


Give your kitty an empty box or two to play with and you could easily keep it entertained for hours on end. It’s no secret that cats love boxes – to play in, to hide in, and even to sleep in. Often, if you can’t find your kitty anywhere in the house, you will most likely find them nestled in a box of some sort. There’s something about the confines of four walls of cardboard that really seem to draw our furry feline friends in!

According to Dr. Stephen Zawistowski of the ASPCA, the reason why cats seem to be so drawn to boxes is because of safety and security they provide. The cryptic animals love to hide and boxes provide that for them. They feel safe and  security in the confines of a cardboard box and are free to be themselves. Once they make their way into the box, they cannot be approached from the side or the back where they are not aware of it, as there is only one way that one can enter. They feel secure sitting in the box and just watching everything that is happening on the outside in front of them safely. If something does happen to come by that is interesting to them, they can easily dash out for it. Even if they do end up dashing out for a reason, they always have the option of dashing back into their safe abode of a box.

If you really think about it, the ones who should be wary and watching their back are the cats’ humans, and unsuspecting humans in general. Cats can easily scare humans because of their tendencies to hide and spring up on people all of the time. After all, who hasn’t been surprised by a pair of paws clawing at tips of their feet before, only to find a hiding cat under a couch or chair?! Those cats definitely know something that we don’t, that’s for sure!

(Photo Source: Business Insider)

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