CDC Says Cats and Dogs Not at Risk for Ebola


With the frightening epidemic that is Ebola, the virus has been infecting people around the world, causing some hysteria and meticulous precautions. Many people are dying of Ebola, especially in West Africa, and it’s spreading elsewhere. In fact, the news of the virus is also affecting our pets, even though they don’t necessarily have anything to do with it. Two pets of people who contracted Ebola have been affected. In Spain, the dog of a nursing assistant who contracted Ebola was euthanized. The dog, Excalibur, was not tested for the virus and it wasn’t clear if the  dog was even infected – officials just wanted to be sure that the dog wouldn’t be able to spread the virus to humans. Another case is the dog of a nurse who is being treated for the Ebola virus in Dallas, Texas, who is now being monitored. The dog, Bentley, is currently in the care of the Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center and is being quarantined. So there has been no indication that the canine is infected with Ebola.

While there has been nothing dealing with cats yet, it’s only a matter of time that people may think to suspect cats as a possible carrier of Ebola and do something drastic about it, as they have done with the two dogs. Thankfully though, it’s been officially stated that both cats and dogs are not at risk for spreading Ebola. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there has not been a single case of a cat or dog that has spread Ebola to humans.

“There have been no reports of dogs or cats becoming sick with Ebola,” the CDC has stated. This is also the case in Africa, where the Ebola virus was first identified back in the 1970s.

Even if you wanted to have your pet tested for Ebola, you are out of luck, as the tests are not available at this time. There’s really no reason to test a pet that’s never been exposed to the virus and even then, the risk of catching Ebola from your pet cat (or dog) is very low.

(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

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