Celebrity Chef Simon Rimmer’s Cat Food Sells Out at over $30 Per Meal


To raise money for the RSPCA famous chef Simon Rimmer and Joe Inglis set out to develop over 50 delicious cat meals. Lucky felines will be feasting on the likes of lobster, roasted duck, and even caviar. The meals were sold in Covent garden, London. The meals cost a whopping 24.99 pounds which equates to over 30 U.S. Dollars.

Rimmer said that he’s used to creating meals for a human palette so many of the recipes he used would probably fancy you and me just fine. Heck I’d try one of them! Rimmer had this to say:

“Despite being a cat owner myself, developing the first-ever fine dining dish for cats was uncharted territory for me. By working closely with animal experts we’ve created a dish that is not only good for cats but also a ‘once-in-nine-lifetimes’ food experience for them.”

We’re sure that these cats were in heaven eating Rimmer’s meals. If you want to see the ingredients to some of the dishes made you can check them out at UK Website Mirror. Yummy!

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