Check Out How this Abyssinian Cat Demands Hugs and Kisses


Cats are notorious for their love of hugs and kisses – most of them love to cuddle! Some of them will go to great lengths to get a squeeze and/or a smooch because they love it so much. After all, who wouldn’t want to cuddle up with a fluffy, furry feline?! In a viral video making the rounds, one cat shows his great love of hugs and kisses with his human owner.¬†According to the video’s poster, her cat was two years old when he came into her life. The feline was a bully to his sister when he was just a kitten; while he loves attention and people, he doesn’t like to share attention with other cats.

In the video below, the Abyssinian cat definitely shows off that aspect of his personality. You can see that the feline is very aggressive and will make it known that he wants what he wants. It’s amusing to see the cat behave the way it does! The kitty paws at the owner’s face to steal a kiss and some cuddles. ¬†She entertains him with some loving and when she is done she pulls away. A few moments later the kitty is ready for some more snuggle time and even inches his face closer to hers to show her “Hey, I want more kisses!” He even gazes at her longingly after she gives him a few smooches. Talk about a total ladies man – er, feline!

Photo Source: YouTube


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