Check out This Adorable Cat Play Smash Bros.


Video games are almost always fun for children of all ages – no matter how old you are, they are always entertaining and sometimes even challenging when you play with them! Much like children and kids, cats are very curious creatures by nature and will often look over your shoulder to see what you’re doing. If it looks exciting enough, they may very well try to jump in and do the same thing – especially when it comes to playing a video game or two. After all, if it is fun and engaging, of course felines will want in on it! In a viral video, an adorable cat is seen trying to play the video game Smash Bros.

In the video below, you can see a cute black and white cat playing Smash Bros, a popular video game. Actually, the feline’s human is playing the game while the cat is sitting pretty on the human’s lap. Of course, not one to sit idly, the cat wants to get in on the game and ends up trying to press the (non-existent) buttons on the screen in order to get engaged with the video game. After all, if the kitty’s human could play it, the cat could definitely handle it as well… right? The feline starts off just staring straight into the video game console, watching as its owner is tinkering and playing with the technology based game. There are sounds, colors and visuals going on, and the sound of a very stimulated person makes up the rest of the experience. After first, the cat seemed and looked confused and is seen just staring into the game. But once the feline saw the moving graphics of the game, it started to tap its paw onto the screen of the game and attempting to smell it. It then looked like the feline wanted to get in on the action and also play with the owner.

(Photo Source: YouTube)

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