Check out These Adorable Kittens Coming Out of a Box One by One

Kittens in a box

A large box is sitting outside on what seems to be a front porch of a home.  There is a tiny kitten sitting in front of this strange looking black box.  Then all of a sudden another cute kitten walks out of a hole at the end of the box.  But this is not the last kitten to come from this weird looking box.  Right after the second kitten comes out, another cat pops its head out of the hole and jumps onto the porch floor.  Then believe it or not, another kitten rockets out of the hole!  Then another!

A total of six kittens comes out of the box including the one sitting in front of it, at the start of the video.  Its not clear why these felines were in the box to start with.  Maybe this is were they sleep at night and they were just waking up for the day.  The box has been painted black and it has tape all over it.  It looks like a homemade kitty condo and the cats seem to love jumping out of the door. All six of the kittens were able to sleep in the box and you can imagine just how cozy it must be inside.  While it is a medium sized box, with all those kitten surely there is not much space inside.

The owner of these kittens is really lucky to have so many cut kittens running around.  Building that box for them to play and sleep in, was a great idea and it is protected by the porch.  It would be fun to be able to look inside of the box, especially when all of the kitten are sleeping in it.  What else do you think is inside of the box?  Maybe their are toys inside, that the kittens enjoy playing with.  Their might be some food and water in the box as well, so that they never get thirsty or hungry.  If you want to see these cute kittens for yourself, then you are going to have to check out the video below.

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