Check out this Amazing Four Hour Rescue Operation for a Cat


Kittens are tiny little creatures that can get caught in every little tiny crevice. These miniature baby cats are so young and so little that they can’t help but not know any better and often get stuck in many nooks and crannies. It can be a very traumatic experience falling into a dark space and being so tiny you couldn’t get out. A rescue operation for a cat was needed when one kitten learned that the hard way and got stuck underground in St. Louis, Missouri.

On July 17, members of the St. Louis Fire Department assisted in rescuing the trapped feline who was trapped in a sewer drain eight feet below the ground. Using a sledgehammer and shovels, they had to break through the concrete floor. The entire rescue was a four hour event and involved some very tense moments as well as hard work from not only the St. Louis Fire Department, but also the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District and the Humane Society of Missouri. After the four hours, they finally were able to save the kitty – video was even taken the moment the cat emerged from being stuck that whole time!

The public was able to keep updated on the rescue, thanks to technology. The rescue unfolded on Twitter, with tweets informing the public on the status of the kitten:



Thanks to the kindness of the authorities, fire department and humane society, the rescued kitten is now safe and sound, resting up at the shelter.

Photo Source: Humane Society of Missouri 

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