Check Out This Heroic Family Cat Saving Toddler from a Hot Stove


We all know that toddlers can really get themselves into trouble.  Sometimes this trouble can turn into something more serious and dangerous.  But thanks to a very heroic cat, the toddler in this next video is safe and sound.  In a very short video clip, you can see a toddler playing with the knobs of a stove.  The oven part of the stove is within reach of the child and if he turns it on and then opens it, something really bad might happen.  But the family cat seems to understand this danger and comes to the rescue.

As you will see in the clip, the feline gets in front of the toddler and pushes him away from the stove and oven.  While many of you might not think that this is what the cat is doing, I for one am convinced that it is. There is also an adult standing in the kitchen, but doesn’t seem to be paying the child any attention.  This is probably why the cat has come to the rescue of this child.  It’s really sad that the grown-up in the video doesn’t do something to stop the child from playing with something so dangerous.  As a parent it’s really hard to watch this video, but I am glad that at least the cat hand enough sense to stop the child. I also wonder who was videoing all of this.  Maybe the camera was just lying around and just happened to be on.  I guess we will never know the answer to that question.

This cat really is a very smart animal and if it wasn’t for this bright kitty, the child may have been in serious trouble.  The mothering instinct really did kick in, when the cat saw the toddler in danger and the animal quickly helped save the child. If you want to see this video for yourself, it is located at the bottom of this article.  It’s a real joy to see this rescue cat in action and I for one am glad that this brave feline stepped in.  So make sure to check it out.

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