Check Out This High Tech Cat Feeder That Uses Facial Recognition

BISTRO with cat-2

It’s tough to gauge when something is wrong with your cat – whether it’s an ailment or another sort of problem in their life. One big problem we have with cats is the fact that we cannot really communicate with them by speaking orally and through words. Because of this, we can’t tell if the reason why they aren’t eating is because they don’t like their food or because they are sick and just can’t eat. What make this even harder is the fact that most of us work jobs and can’t be around our felines 24/7. What’s a cat owner to do for their beloved feline?!

Luckily, a new and amazing invention is launching early next year and it’s just brilliant. The invention is a smart high tech cat feeder that has a built-in facial recognition feature that is going to help you big time! The name is Bistro and what it is is a high-tech water and food contraption that has sensors that monitors consumption of food and water. It comes with a camera that distinguishes the difference between your different cats (if you have more than one) and while they are eating, your furry friends stand on a scale that measures their weight. The information is then sent to your smartphone app to keep you updated on its activity. And, if you wanted, you could even spy on your kitty eating!

You can purchase a Bistro for quite the steal at $149 compared to the $249 price tag it will accompany the Bistro with once it launches this coming March – a $100 savings!

Photo Source: 42Ark

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