Check out Japan’s New Amazing Jeckyl and Hyde Cat

White Cat

When it comes to strange, you really won’t find a more bizarre looking feline than Setsu-chan.  If you are around this animal during the daytime, you might be asking what’s so different about him?  The truth is this cat is very normal looking when he is walking around playing or eating his dinner. He is a beautiful solid white cat that looks completely normal. His baby blue eyes are very pretty to gaze into and he seems to be a very happy animal. But when bed time comes you will understand what I mean.

This Japanese sensation has yet to take the world by storm like some other popular felines.  But I’m sure it won’t be long before people are going to be buzzing about him.  The owner of this cat who has taken photos of him while sleeping shows the world a different side of their pet.  Setsu-chan eyes seem to roll back in his head in almost a demon like pose.  This is very fascinating to watch as his beautiful blue eyes seem to turn black and his mouth opens up exposing his long red tongue, it almost looks like something out of a horror movie.  I am sure some of you will be very frightened if you ever had the chance to see him do this in person.  I for one would have to view from a distance of at least a few feet.

This will really shock you the first time you see this happen.  It’s almost like day and night how this animal changes.  Its owner seems to think this cat has a “Jekyll And Hyde” kind of mystery going on.  No one really knows why this cat seems to do this odd act but it’s very interesting to watch.  I wonder if there is some sort of medical condition that causes Setsu-Chan to act in this bizarre fashion?  Maybe he is dreaming about something?  While we may never know the real cause I’m sure this cat will get loads of attention soon.  I wonder if a video will surface next?  I can’t wait to see what’s next for this strange but beautiful creature.

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