Check Out This Cat Loving His Cat Hammock

cat hammock

Cats are very adventurous creatures. They love to try new things. They love to spend time enjoying life. They love to explore and to see what is going on and what is around their homes and what they can do and see and enjoy; and they really love the idea that they can find new things that keep them entertained all the time. They love when their humans buy them new things, too. They really love when they are given new things to call their own and when they are given a chance at life. Cats are fun, and we do adore them. This cat is one of those cats who has a great story. He is just a cat that someone loves very much. His name is Timo and we don’t know much about him other than the fact that he has a close, loving family.

Timo is the kind of cat that everyone dreams of. He is sweet and darling, and he loves to relax and hang with his family. But what’s genius about his family is that his humans found a perfect way to keep Timo off their furniture. With all that fur, we know he has to shed on a regular basis. They bought him a cat hammock; something I’ve never heard of. He wasn’t too sure about it at first, since it moves and he had a few flops, but now he loves his hammock and cannot think of a way to enjoy life more so than he already is.

Photo Credit – YouTube 

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