Chicago Neighborhood Turns to Cats to Handle Rat Problem

cats and rats

The upscale Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago is simply gorgeous. Beautiful, elegant row homes, upscale shopping and very trendy bars and restaurants line the streets. It’s the kind of place you love to be, the kind of place you love to live, and the kind of place you never see as anything but perfect; unless you see one of the many rats that live in the area. It’s an urban area, and that means rats are present. It’s not like the rats care how nice the neighborhood is or how unwelcome they are there; they don’t want to leave. It’s a nice place; and they’re there to stay. Of course, that’s a problem for the neighborhood, but it’s about to become an even bigger one when an old hospital is knocked down.

The rats and creatures living in the building that’s been abandoned for so long will have no place to call home, and the city knows that Lincoln Park is going to see a lot more rats. While the city is trying to kill the rats with poison and bait, residents have done something else. They’ve gotten cats. They are taking care of their rat problem by adopting cats and allowing them to pounce, stalk and kill the rats that are making their lives miserable. We don’t know yet if it’s working, but cats do love rats and the feeling is not entirely mutual. Hopefully they’ll be able to handle the issue and these cats really get to enjoy their newfound job.


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