Choosing and Caring For Your Cat 101


The life of your cats depends solely on the amount of care you provide the animals. By providing them with proper care, they can have a long, healthy and happy life. When buying a cat, you must know that it’s a huge commitment and you must be prepared for it. Some cats can live for up to twenty years, and they would need a lot of attention every single day. Read on to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of having a furry friend.  First off, the kitten you choose must match the lifestyle you have.

Outdoor Cat vs. Indoor

You have to decide whether you want to keep the animal inside the house or outside. Every living creature, whether it be a cat or a human deserves to enjoy the sunlight, sounds, smells, grass, trees, etc. However, by living outdoor they can be stolen, a vehicle can hit them, they can catch a disease or animal control officers can catch the cat. Don’t think that country cats are safer outdoors because the predators out there are bigger and more dangerous.

The most important everyday obligation – Feeding

The pet food industry is extremely lucrative as there are millions of cats and dog in the United States alone. A single cat can eat up to 90 pounds of food every year, so it isn’t hard to do the math. You must choose food high on specific nutrients for the cat to grow big and strong. Remember that their ancestors were the perfect hunters, which means that the fangs they have in their mouth are not for broccoli.

For example, every cat needs to intake taurine or else they might have eye or cardiovascular problems. Also, cat and dog foods are completely different as they don’t share the same vitamins and acids required for the animal. Filling the cat’s bowl every day is just the beginning. Do a proper research and remember that it’s a huge commitment.

Grooming your furry friend

Have you ever wondered why some cats have a wonderful fur? While they tend to clean themselves properly, every individual should learn to groom them correctly to ensure that their appearance is flawless. Grooming your cat depends heavily on the type of cat you have. Fluffier cats tend to have more problems, which means that you must spend extra efforts for their fur. Having a shorthair cat doesn’t mean that you should groom her regularly, as they can get mats and dirt, especially during the summer. If you have a budget, you might want to consult with a professional groomer to help you with your long-haired kitten.

Pet Care

Ensure that you have a reliable vet available for emergencies because they can arise unexpectedly. Make sure that you have the number of a nearby emergency cat care facilities to treat your animal. In cases of impact injuries, contact the vet to take a look at the animal for any injuries. Even if there’s no evidence of external wounds, the cat can have serious internal problems that can put her in jeopardy.

Monitor the animals if there are any bite wounds from other animals. They can be quite dangerous as they can be infected easily. Moreover, some breeds have respiratory problems. If there are any signs of arising issues, act fast before they grow big.

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