Cloud the Kitten Lives a Full Life Despite a Heart Defect

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Meet Cloud the kitten!  She is a lovely little kitty with a larger than life personality despite her condition.  You see, Cloud has a heart defect that is very rare.  In fact, her heart defect is so rare that only one in a million cats are diagnosed with it.  But that doesn’t stop her from enjoying the time she has.  Her condition is so unpredictable that she could pass away at any moment.  No one really knows how long Cloud will live, but the people that are in charge of taking care of her makes sure she is comfortable.

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Cloud will spend the rest of her days at the San Diego Humane Society.  She is in the hospice unit there at the shelter and she is given everything she needs to live a happy life.  She has many toys to play with and some friends to hang out with.  Many people reading this story may wonder why a surgery is not preformed, in order to try and fix her heart condition.  The reason why Cloud is not a candidate for surgery is because her condition is so fragile, that under going surgery would kill her.  Her heart is so weak that she just wouldn’t make it.  This is sad news, but this beautiful little feline is not letting that get her down.   She doesn’t even seem to notice her own condition.

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This sick but happy kitten, really loves to be around people and she gives anyone who comes around her tons of love.  She purrs very loudly and she will give you kisses with her nose no matter if you are a stranger or not.  She loves other animals as well and she spends her days playing with some of the other cats that are at the shelter.  While her time here on earth is more than likely going to be short, her life has impacted many people.  Anyone who spends time with Cloud will tell you just how special this tiny kitty really is.  Hopefully she will get to spend many more months with the people taking care of her. As you can see in the pictures, she seems very happy were she lives.

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