Colonel Meow Takes Guinness Record for Longest Fur on a Cat


It’s been made official. The cat known as Colonel Meow officially has the longest hair for a feline. The hair averages 9 inches. Colonel Meow is one of a handful of super famous cats that have taken the internet by storm but he comes from a very humble beginning.

“He was actually left on the side of the road and then taken to a kill shelter,” owner Anne Marie Avey told the Los Angeles Times. Colonel Meow was rescued by the Seattle Persian and Himalayan Rescue, and Avey subsequently came upon him at a Petco adoption event. Avey said that one look at this cat with long fur and intense green eyes and she was sold.

Colonel Meow is a Persian cat, a breed that’s known for long hair. A professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Missouri, Columbia, said the cat’s head and facial structure indicate he is non-pedigreed Persian — a mix.

The category itself, “longest fur on a cat” is actually new to Guinness so we’re guessing some cat owners out there are going to be knocking on their doors claiming their cat’s hair is longest. However, for now, Colonel Meow stands alone.

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