Community Helps Kitten Who was Hit by a Car


A car hit a 10-week-old kitten in downtown Beaverton, Oregon more than a week ago. The kitten sustained two broken femurs but managed to drag himself to the side of the road. A warmhearted gas station attendant decided to put the severely injured feline in a box when a customer named Melanie Blake stopped by and saw the cat. Blake was worried that the kitten might end up being euthanized because of his serious injuries, and decided to get the kitten the help it needs.

Melanie Blake took her cause to the internet and set up a fundraising via the website gofundme, where she pleaded for help so the cat could have the much needed surgery. She also contacted Cats Cradle Rescue, which is located in Hillsboro. The rescue group took up the cause and immediately arranged the cat’s surgery with Tanasbourne Veterinary Emergency. With a little support of some internet users who reposted Blake’s post for help, donations poured in. Within three days, Blake’s fundraising project raised $3,000, which covered all the medical expenses of the cat with a little bit of extra left. Blake was amazed and very much thankful with the community’s support for the hurt stray cat.

The surgery went well and the kitten is recovering well. In fact, Dr. Shawn Thomas, practicing owner of Tanasbourne Veterinary Emergency, said that “the kitten is a little trooper”. The cat also got his appetite back after the surgery, which is really a good sign.

The cat will stay at the shelter for about 6 to 8 weeks until his injuries are completely healed. Then after that Blake can finally take him home. This strong feline has been named Canyon. I think the name fit him well, don’t you?

This is a wonderful story of how a community pitches in to help save an animal’s life.  I’m wishing Canyon a speedy recovery so that his new mom will be able to take him home sooner. I bet Blake is very excited to give this feline a loving home. I hope this will inspire more people to be compassionate towards the needy and injured animals.

Image via Melanie Blake 

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