A Corgi and Cat Have an Unlikely Friendship Despite Tough Odds


When it comes to dog and cat relationships most the time these animals get along about as good as oil and water. At best, they stay far away from each other and at worst they are at each others throats.  But this isn’t always the case.  In fact, the two animals in this story have quite the opposite relationship.

The little Corgi named Lucy, and a cat named Mango simply love to be around one another.  They often can be found showing off their love by not only playing with one another but also cuddling.  This amazing bond is simply amazing to witness and you would think these animals where born of the same mother. I wonder if they actually think they are siblings?  I am sure they do!

The odds that these animals getting along this well is quite very high and you would expect them to have an argument every now and then. But these two are always the perfect pair.  They often go on adventures together exploring their home and looking for something to get into.  But they always seem to stick by each others side no matter what is going on. It’s as if they are best friends ready to conquer the world.  It really puts a smile on your face when you see these two in action.

At night, the pair often can be found sleeping in the same bed with one another.  I wonder if there is enough room in there for the owners to sleep?  This is really a blessing for the owners because these two seem to entertain one another and they hardly get into any trouble at all.  They also keep each other company while the owner is away at work or out running errands.

While not all of us can enjoy these two animals, I am glad that my pets are at least ok with being in the same room as one another.  But it would be amazing if they got along as well like these two adorable little animals.  So what about you, does your dog and cat get along like these two?

Image via Reddit

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