Couple Finds a Cat Under Their Hood During Morning Commute


The Animal Rescue league of Pennsylvania has heard some crazy stories since its doors have opened.   Adding to the long list is something that happened on Wednesday in Pittsburgh.  A couple was making their regular morning drive when all of a sudden they heard a noise under the hood of their car.

When the couple pulled over they discovered a cat in the hood.  However, the story doesn’t stop there.  When the couple put the cat in the car to be taken for rescue, it disappeared!  Pittsburgh animal control came to the situation and discovered that the cat was under the drive side dashboard.

The cat was then taken to the Animal Rescue league.   Employeese at the league say the cat is still nervous but say the cat will be fine.  In fact that say it’s quite normal for cats to wander underneath hoods of cars.   Mostly because they are a great place to hide.

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