Couple Forgets To Tell Their Cat They Had A Baby

New baby

I’m pretty sure that by now a lot of people have already seen the viral pictures of a cat who looked very surprised when she saw a baby in their house.  The adorable but funny photos of both the feline and the baby have really captured the attention of many.  In case you haven’t seen the cute pictures yet don’t worry because I will share it with you all today.

In the first photo, you will see the cat’s reaction when she saw a baby after checking out what’s on the rocker.  The cat seems to be really surprised and I bet I know why and it could only be that her owner forgot to tell her that they had a baby.

In the second photo, you will see the baby and the cat, whose name is Roxy, chilling together.  The baby’s parents and Roxy’s pet parents, who wants to keep their identity a secret, wants the public to know that their feline is now ok with their newborn baby.  I reckon Roxy did good adjusting to having a new member of the family.

New baby 3

The pictures above are undeniably cute! No wonder it went viral within a short period of time.  Roxy’s reaction is priceless and even if she don’t say a word, it’s very obvious that she wasn’t expecting to see a baby in the house.  Or probably she didn’t have a clue what a baby rocker is.  But either way her facial expression shows how surprised she was that moment she saw the baby.

Should couple who is having a baby soon tell their cat about the upcoming changes?  In my opinion, I think all cat owners should talk to their cats about any changes that are going to happen soon around the household whether it is having a baby, getting a new cat or dog or even simply changing the house decorations.  It’s because change is something that all creatures must learn to adapt.  Besides it will make things a bit easier when you know or have an idea of what’s going to happen.  Cats are not capable of talking but trust me they do understand us.

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