Couple Outfits abused Cat with Wheelchair to get him Moving Again

Cat wheel chair

Emerson the cat was abused and abandoned by its previous owners.  The 10-year-old feline found his new and loving home when he was adopted by Heather Miller, Executive Director of the Houlton Humane Society, and her husband Jonathan Miller. Although Emerson is a special cat, it didn’t stop him from being a happy and loving cat.  He is the unofficial mascot of the Houlton Humane Society, where he greets and welcomes everyone that walks through the front door of the shelter.

The injuries left the poor feline many health issues that affect his hind legs, ability to urinate, eat and drink.  He can’t use his hind legs for anything and his head is permanently tilt.  But that didn’t stop Emerson from being a good and happy cat.  With the help of a cat wheelchair, he can get around good and spread love and joy to whoever she meet. Last August, a lady found the cat abandoned and brought him to the shelter.  When the shelter’s vet examined the kitty, severe injuries were discovered such as spinal cord damage, broken ribs, broken neck and some burns on his feet believed to be caused by some kind of chemical.

Then by September, the Millers decided to take Emerson home.  Both Heather and Jonathan have a big heart for “special needs animals”.  It’s why they have quite a few of rescue animals with special needs living with them. Jonathan made Emerson a wheelchair from PVC pipes and bicycle training wheels.  The couple taught the cat on how to use the wheelchair to get around but it was heavy for the feline to get moving.  Luckily, a good Samaritan saw Emerson’s struggle with the heavy wheelchair and sent him a cat wheelchair.

It took some time for Emerson to realize the advantages that the wheelchair brings.  But last December he was scooting around with little trouble, according to Heather.  Now the happy tabby has mastered the use of his adaptive device and merrily run around the shelter to greet people.

“The chair holds Emerson’s back legs off the floor and allows him to use his front paws to pull himself around.  He is a sight to behold,” Heather said.

If you want to keep up with Emerson, check out his Facebook page and joined the 14,000 plus friends he already got.

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