A Couple Spends Their Life Savings on Stray Cats

Abandon Cats

Animals lovers would want to save every animal that are in need of a new and loving home if they could.  Due to the high cost of having a pet, some will settle in adopting one or two.  But one Chinese couple went out of their way to save as much stray cats and dogs as they could, until their own savings ran out.

According to China News Reports, Mr. and Mrs. Hu share their 20 square meter (215 sq ft) home with more than fifty felines and canines.  The animals were rescued by the couple from the streets of Chengdu.  Ten years ago, the couple started taking animals home when they rescued a cat that was stuck on a roof, the NetEase reported.   The Hu’s subsequently took more animals over the years.   Raising the animals is costing the couple 3,000 Yuan or $485 every month.   Mrs. Hu was a retired nurse and she takes care of the animals’ health because taking them to vet is very costly.

At present Mr. Hu is working as a street vendor who used to be a gemstone appraiser. According to him, they run out of money and he is pleading for people to adopt their pets.  “We’ve spent all of our savings to raise them. I’m hoping more warm-hearted people can help us by adopting some of the pets,” Mr. Fu says.  He also added that they don’t want money but only ask people to be good to the animals.

This is a very sad story.  The couple is clearly animal lovers but unfortunately they are not able to take care of them anymore.  I hope their plea for help will be heard soon and hopefully people start to come by their house and adopt a cat or a dog.  Their decision to give up some of their beloved pets must be a tough one for them, but I’m glad that they did the right thing of asking for help instead of abandoning the animals.

While there’s nothing wrong in rescuing stray animals, we must also remember that we can’t take all of them home. You should always think about your budget and the future to make sure that you will be able to take care and keep your pets down the road.

Image via Chriss Pagani at Flickr.com

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