Couple Tears up Their Kitchen Wall to Rescue a Kitten

Kittens in wall

Earlier this month a couple tore up their kitchen wall to rescue a trapped kitten.  Norma Velez and her other half had cut holes in their kitchen walls to help free the kitten.  The couple tried many times to rescue the poor kitten and on the third day they finally succeeded in getting the kitten out their kitchen wall.  On May 6, 2015 Norma uploaded the video of the kitten’s dramatic rescue on Youtube.  She titled the video “This is how we rescue this baby kitten, that was trapped in between the wall of my house.”  And on the video description she explained that the kitten had been trapped in between the walls of her house for three days and after many tries they finally rescued the young feline.

As the video start, you will hear pounding of what sounds like a hammer as the couple continued to cut holes on their wall to save the young cat.  You will also hear the loud and desperate cry for help of the kitten.  Norma and her partner dropped a little sack through the holes in the wall hoping that the kitten will get on it and then they will slowly pull the sack up into the openings and grab the young cat into safety.  The couple’s planned finally worked on the third day and they were able to get the kitten out of a bad jam.  Once the kitten was freed, Norma held it and wiped its back.  She also talked to kitten and made him/her really feel safe and comfortable in her hands.  It’s very obvious that her and her partner were very happy to have rescued the kitten safely.

There’s no doubt in our minds that the rescue that Norma and her other half did was indeed a very tedious job.  Can you imagine having to tear up a part of your kitchen wall and then make a few tries to free the kitten?  We bet not a lot of people would willingly do that.  We applaud Norma and her partner for being so patient and compassionate to the kitten.  They showed the world that an animal’s life is important and we, humans, should take care of them.

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